8 comments on “Frosty morning in the woods

  1. This is beautifull first-person writing, its journalistic in its feel, with a dash of creative wording here and there. I adore it. Its lovely, and so is the picture.

  2. These look like little hand prints. I’d say it was cute, but I have bad memories of raccoons as a child, camping in the US. Nasty lil critters.

  3. I love this and want to be there now. Beautiful writing. Was looking up Antisthenes quote from Old Farmer’s Almanac and found this. Old post but a good one ten years later. My wife is from Canada and knows all about the real cold. Best of success and thank you.

    • Oh gosh… has it been ten years? Wow. Thank you so much, Joe, especially for bringing me back to a beautiful winter morning I’d forgotten about. 🙂

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