2 comments on “Hands

  1. I save all the poor quality photos too, but only the ones of the children. I think it’s because they often capture something that the clearer pictures don’t and I’m scared I’ll forget what my children were like as little ones. Silly really.

  2. I do the same thing. I was looking at photos of my granddaughter last night and thinking I should choose some to delete but put it off. I think it is a version of hoping for the best. Also even if they are technically bad sometimes there is something in them that triggers a bit of memeory and you don’t see the pic as much as the memory. It sure is nice to have the pics!! They bring back stir lots of good,hopeful,joyful feelings don’t they? We enjoy so much having a digital camera. I just started setting up a Flickr account this weekend.
    Enjoyed your comment about your husband. Of course what God has joined together is one so you feel cut in two when you are separated. That is a good sign!

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