7 comments on “My hands

  1. Given a choice, I will take hands over feet any day!

    And in the presence of a skilled artist, hands can paint pictures in the air that rival the greatest works of art in the Louvre; that can create poetry to rival the most beautiful sonnets of Shakespeare; and that can express thoughts of intelligence to rival the works of Plato or Einstein or Hawkings.

    Hands… they are wondrous things indeed.

    ~ Ocean

    A Proud Deaf Pagan in Love with Her Hands

  2. I was hoping you’d stop by and offer your opinion on hands, Osh. I was wondering about your take on hands given that you use your hands (and those of others) to communicate.

  3. And I love hand massages almost as much as I love foot massages. I love holding hands with my daughters or husband. My hands are pretty rough, too, but also soft (I use lotion every day). I’ve never had a manicure; it would be a waste of money given how quickly I’d destroy any attention to the fingernails. When I was young I liked painting my nails. I gave that up when I became an adult. I’ll paint them for a special occasion, but they don’t last more than a day.

    Great post, Robin. And your prediction about the popularity has come true, eh?

    BTW, both your hand and feet posts demonstrate how strong a writer you are, as well as a phenomenal photographer.

  4. Thank you so much, Ybonesy. I’m glad you enjoyed the posts. Maybe one day I’ll tackle my nose or ears or something.

    I’ve had one manicure in my entire life. It was nice, but my nails were all chipped up by the end of the day.

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