8 comments on “A favorite of mine

  1. Thanks Robin – I hadn’t seen that Crayola quote for quite awhile and you put a smile on my face with it. Great concept that he came up with.

    I’ll be looking forward to following what it is you do with your colour ‘scheme’. This oughta be good!!

  2. i injoyed youre post use to have a box of those, many an hour i spent coloring, still would if i could some decent color books bb birch

  3. This quote came at a perfect time. I just finished watching Bridge to Terabithia with my 10 yr. old son and his neighbor girlfriend. It was full of imagination and color and art. When the movie was finished, the two of them took off outside to go color the world with their own imaginations. It was so enchanting to see….

    ~ LaRonda

  4. Robert Fulghum is one of my favorite authors…thank you for reminding me of the above quote! He’s got some great ideas, doesn’t he? Just the other day, a business associate said to me, “As an adult, if you want to be left alone on an airplane, bring a coloring book and crayons, and color.” In the context he meant that other people would think you were nuts and stay clear of you. I responded, “I don’t think that would work, if I saw you coloring on an airplane, I’d ask if I could join you!” I think we all should color on occasion! In fact, I still do! Instead of Disney coloring books and crayolas, it is now mandala books and colored pencils – it is a great form of meditation for me. Yes, we are lucky to have so many colors in life to enjoy.

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