5 comments on “Red

  1. Ah, red… I love red, it’s behind my favorite color purple. I love the two together. Red makes me think of red hots, atomic fireballs, anything cinnamon… Also love, hate, the most fierce emotions. Also, life blood. And my grandmother’s roses.

  2. Red is one of my favorite colors, and I do tend to wear it often. Although I like most reds, my preference tends to be more for the deeper, darker shades – maroons and burgundies.

    I had to chuckle at the “human lobster” photo, as lobster is one of my favorite foods and I do like watching the way it changes into that shade of red that lets you know a delicious meal is soon to be savored.

    Red is stimulating, Red is life-affirming, Red is fiery, Red is strong and powerful. Red is bold and outspoken. Red is not for the quiet and meek…Red enters with a shout and demands to be seen.

    Red enjoys being the center of attention.

  3. I have loved reading your color series. Magical to say the least. I do have to admit though this one sentence made me laugh. “my internal thermostat is malfunctioning” I love how you worded that! I am right there with you on this one. At one time many years ago my husband said to me… “ladies glow – men perspire – horses sweat” — I called him on this just the other day… either he was not telling me the truth or I am a horse!

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