17 comments on “Purple Craze

  1. Wow! This is a fantastic post and I’m not just saying that because it’s the purple post. I loved the background you gave on all the different kinds of purples.

    I thought it was really cool that part of my favorite photo of all time, yellow moon in a purple sky was on here. The flower under the royal purple description seemed almost like you could touch it, it was so vivid in the photo.

    And the story! That your house looks all normal from the front, but anyone who steps around to the back sees this whimsical, colorful wholly different color scheme. That’s just really, really cool.

  2. Phenomenal photos and prose. The loft of my cabin was painted purple. The walls/ceiling had a wonderful glow when the full moon shone through the window.

  3. Thanks amuirin and stevo.

    This was my favorite of the colors to research and to work on. I’ve been soaking in purple for days, looking for the right photos and trying to put this together.

    It feels good to soak in purple. 🙂

  4. Ohhhh, I love this. Really really love it. Purple is my favorite color and you really did it justice with this post. You blew my socks off! 🙂
    And please add me to the plethora of folks who LOVE the back of your house!

  5. As a character who enjoys colour deficient vision, I completely ignored all of the colour stuff. I liked the pictures anyway.

    The picture that I liked best on first viewing is the one with your house. I like the reflection. I seem to have a bit of a thing for reflections.

    I like the picture of the socks in your icon better than the one in this post. I suspect that may have something to do with it being summer here right now.

    I scrolled up and looked again. I think I now like the non-grapes best.

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  7. I have a purplr sun tata that i got when i was 18. i alsways liked it and never really knew why. I googles purple sun tataoo and arrived to this website. To me this website is awsome and truly a blessing from god. Which makes ypu a blessing from god. I really learned alot and fell very inspired now that i read this stuff. Itr gave me an insite into who iam and why im like the way i am. Red hot and cool blue. lol

    also i now see that we are rare people. Like the color purple. And my life is in dire need af healing..so this tat was like a forshadow then..and now i understand a can begin a path to bountiful healing…

    i do believe purple is the color of prophecy also.


    thank you a million thank yous,


  8. Robin, re alignment reflected (and captured by you)in moonrise/sunset/house photo, you might enjoy the exposition here:


    “Recent studies by the Solstice Project indicate that the major buildings of the ancient Chacoan culture of New Mexico contain solar and lunar cosmology in three separate articulations: their orientations, internal geometry, and geographic interrelationships were developed in relationship to the cycles of the sun and moon …”

  9. is that bird like actually purple?? that is soo cool!!! i have been trying to find a purple bird but i never could so i decided to look it up to see if they existed.. i guess they do!! PURPLE BIRDS ROCK!!!!!

  10. I just stumbled on these color categories. What a treat. The back of your house is fantastic, probably symbolic of so many things about those of you living there, love of color, nature and individuality. I gotta like you even more. 🙂

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