20 comments on “Showing you mine

  1. Thank you, Amazonratz. 🙂 I have to give the nuns credit for the penmanship. My first three years of school were in a Catholic school. They made us practice our penmanship a lot.

  2. you survived catholic school penmanship?


    no wonder you don’t fade easily and have problems being put under.

    i can’t get numb, among other things, like aspirin has no effect on me so i haven’t taken any in years, i know why too, oh how i remember those nuns.

    funny thing is i coasted the next four years publicly after what i got in my first eight, breezed would be another word to describe my highschool experience from ‘private’ school

    if you happen to celebrate christmas or buying a christmas tree just because, or better yet find yourself doing autumn yard work, be sure to keep all branches, limbs, and tree cutting remains. load them in the boat and take them to the middle of the pond and dump them in, add weight if needed (cement blocks with the openings, or a bag of cement and containers, or get a big enough of a pile roped together to make little beaver-like dams, or fallen brush, in the first couple feet of water

    you can find me after the holiday season driving around neighborhoods picking up trees left out to be picked up and disposed of, funny thing is no matter what neighborhood i choose to go in, i can never make it down one street without filling up the two truck beds, kinda neat to see all the different trees that stood in peoples homes and to think what the trees must know and witnessed during its stay, there is something about the process that i like, more so than the fish they will eventually home

    think of it is having the chance to be an actual ‘good’ landlord, with the pond

    those nuns would be proud now, i always think about how i hope they know

  3. I love the color that is peeking out in the trees on the other side of the pond and the reflection of the same.

    You can add – journal keeping and canning to ‘the list’

  4. I was gonna say, but it’s been said several times over that you have beautiful handwriting.

    I’m glad you don’t spray. That’s a funny thing to say, I guess, but it just kinda jives with how I see you, that you’d rather pull the weeds manually than put chemicals on the beautiful scenery.

  5. Fish: We already have a few Christmas trees in the pond. The fish love ’em.

    Truddle: That list just keeps growing. 🙂

    Ron: This has to be the first time someone called my handwriting “beyond super scary.” LOL! Nope, it’s not a machine. But it is digital. Feel free to groan at that awful joke.

    Amuirin: It’s good when things jive. 🙂

  6. Bibliomom: No backing out! Besides, what’s to be ashamed of? If you want, I’ll pull out some of my old composition books. I actually like those better than the fancier journals.

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  9. What a beautiful book! I’ve always loved your handwriting. It’s as if the book deserves beautful handwriting. Good thing it’s your book and not mine, lol!

  10. cool

    I used to keep a journal like that too – full of quotes

    now I have a quote word document on my computer

    wanna know why?

    cos my handwriting is not as nice as yours 🙂

  11. Thanks, EN and Kel.

    I’m betting it’s a lot easier to keep your quotes on the computer, Kel. Some days it takes me a long time to find what I want.

  12. Your comment about your handwritten journals turning to smoke and ash reminded me of a song and since you love quotes so much (as do I) I thought I’d pass it along. You’ve probably already discovered it but just in case, listen to/look up the lyrics for “Smoke” by Ben Folds Five. It’s a beautiful song.

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  14. Robin, you’ve just answered a question that I’ve been waiting for the right time to ask you…”Where do you find your quotes?” I love quotes and always read the new ones you leave on the Bogs site, and also here, posted often with your gorgeous photos.

    I store my favourite quotes on the computer, but I like your idea better.

    Okay, I’ve got to say it ~ Love your Handwriting! 😀

    • Thank you, Joanne. 🙂

      I think storing quotes on the computer is a great idea. It would be easier to organize them that way, I should think.

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