9 comments on “White, white, white

  1. I guess your forecasters were wrong again. Do you wake up and want to put footprints all over it? *squinch, squinch, squinch*

    …^ best representation I have of snow walking sound.

  2. You know your snow, Kel. 🙂

    This morning it was a muted tinkling sound of the snowflakes landing on other snowflakes who had been sitting on the ground for a few days, followed by the swoosh, crunching sound of me walking on it to take a few photos.

    If I’d dressed for it, I’d have made a snow angel. I was out there in bare feet and pj’s with my “bumblebee” coat — a yellow and black down monstrosity — keeping me warm. I meant to go out later, but just couldn’t find the time.

  3. I like cold weather, but I hate being cold. That said, I do love the beauty of fresh snow. Don’t see that much here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Love the bottom shot of the disappearing pond. So lovely, so quiet, and probably so freakin’ cold.

  4. Beautiful Robin — but do get out there and make that snow angel!

    Our snow is all gone now, and I must admit I kind of miss it – it just was not here long enough for my liking. However there is a buzz going around that it might snow again tomorrow!

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