34 comments on “My feet (Part 2)

  1. You have the cutest toes and I love that color. I think that given the nature of the cold today I should do a post later when I’m home of my slipper covered feet.

  2. just had to share that my mom said that whoever in the household has second toes longer than their first toes, rules the home (it is like an old roman wives tale)

  3. Nice tootsies. The pink and the sand look very festive. Sand is a natural exfoliator, so a walk barefoot on the beach is kind of like the first half of a pedicure.

  4. oh and i am not talking just about husband vs. wife toes, children included…but then again, i was the only one who had such toes, compared to my sister, mother and father. mom pumped my head up all the time while growing up, so who knows…now i can’t stop laughing at all the things she told me as they rush back into my memory

    her favorite was “you are easy on the eyes”, thinking back on it now i wonder if i asked her about this, or did she just always have the need to say that

    uh oh 🙂

  5. Let’s analyze this. You show a photo of bare feet, polished in pink, snuggled in sand.
    I could show a photo of heavy work-booted feet, red and numb with cold, and minimally snuggled in thick wooly socks. I just finished a photo shoot and it is maybe as warm as 0˚.

    Now what is wrong with this comparison? :-]

    PS. Love your music choices. Great addition. (Maybe you should play “Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it Snow.”) Or maybe that should be on my blog. Hee. Hee.

  6. OK, now will you change those silly striped socks? Maybe I’ll head to the beach this week and take a picture of my own toes in the sand. Of course, the beach is only 4.5 miles from here. ::snerk::

  7. Alto2 & Amuirin: My feet are currently snuggled into those silly striped socks. They’re warm, cozy, and perfect for cold, snowy days like today.

    I think I’ll stick with my silly socks for a while. 🙂

    Besides, I can’t find anything else I like as much as my silly socks.

    Barbara: See my note above. My feet don’t currently look as pedicured and pretty. In fact, they’re usually bundled up since it’s so cold here.

    The music addition was R(etc…)’s idea. I (stole) borrowed it from him. Originally I did so as a way of repaying a few ohrwurms (earworms, or as Ron likes to put it, aural worms). Now I just do it for fun.

    Fish: You crack me up with the way you keep explaining things. 🙂

    Bibliomom: Thanks. 🙂 I love that color too. I just wish I’d had the good sense to make a note (or write a note) of the color when I had that pedicure done because I know I won’t remember the next time.

    Bookbabie: It’s one of my favorites, too.

  8. LOL, R(etc…)!

    Yes, perhaps you should get a pedicure. After all, it’s warm where you’re at. You could be wearing sandals. Wouldn’t want to be seen in sandals with unpedicured feet, now would you? 😉

  9. ok, first off, I do get pedicures (not that there’s anything wrong with that), second, it snowed here this afternoon…yes, snow in the valley albeit for 5 minutes and it didn’t stick but still, and it was followed by hail. Third, I’ve never, ever worn sandals, did I say never? Just making sure(not that there’s anything wrong with them, just not a Birkenstock kind of guy.) 😉


  10. No sandals at all? Really? They don’t have to be Birkenstocks, ya know. Flip-flops, maybe?

    Good on you for getting pedicures. And no, there’s nothing wrong with that at all. Your feet deserved to be pampered just as much as anyone else’s feet.

    Sorry if I ruffled your feathers a bit, R(etc…). I didn’t mean it in a snarky way (although I can see how it might have sounded like that.)

    Did you enjoy your snow?

    (For the record: It snowed all day here. And it’s 8 degrees. No hail, though.)

  11. A, you’re not allowed to use inside information 8)

    Robin… you’re too cute…

    Now watch me get into trouble….

    and no flip/flops etc… nothing 🙂

    and you, you’re always good with me…


  12. That photo reminded me that it’s been too long since I’ve sunk my own pedicured toes in the sand. It feels so glorious. My feet are freezing now with socks on and all, I try not to look at them these days. I usually like my feet but they’re truly scary this winter.

  13. R(etc…): That’s because you remind me of someone I know. I just haven’t figured out who yet.

    Nothing, eh? Does that mean barefoot? Or all shoes, all the time? (I can’t help it. I have to ask. You’ve got me intrigued now. Ignore me if I’m getting on your nerves.)

    Kel: lol! Yes, that would be me and my feet, doing it again.

    Smiler: I haven’t been looking at my feet too much lately, either. Other than those posted on the blog, I mean. It’s been too cold to take them and let them run free. 🙂

  14. Is this a bit of a blogger toe challenge? ; – )

    I think this one will get more hits because it has the sensuality of the sand in addition to the toes. And the pink nail polish. That’s kind of scandalous 8) .

  15. R(etc…): I’m about to show my lack of style or fashion or name brands or something here so be gentle with me…

    I couldn’t remember what Top Siders are (sounded vaguely familiar but nothing came to mind). Now that I’ve checked them out and found myself pulled in by the description “happy feet, dry & comfortable,” I’m thinking Top Siders are exactly what I need here in the Bogs. In fact, they have a water shoe that looks like it will be great for slogging around here as well as come in handy for crawling around the wet rocks in the tidepools when we go back to San Diego in the spring.

    Commando, btw, is the best way to go. In my not so humble opinion, of course. 🙂

  16. Toes in Brown Sugar!!! That was my very first thought when I seen this photo – I didn’t realize it was sand until I read the caption. Amazing just how different things can look in different places.

    I had to kick off my slippers and have a look at my own toes after reading this… hmmm they could use something for sure, but no pedicure for me — I am not a person that can stand others messing with my feet. I have a hard enough time wrapping them in slippers this time of the year. Perhaps I will need to dig into my collection of nail polish (yes as a matter of fact I do have a collection of nail polish), and see what I can find for these toes of mine.

    Now if everyone who commented on this picture posted their own toe’s — perhaps we really could start a blog avalanche.

  17. Excellent idea, Truddle!

    Let’s start a blog avalanche and see everyone’s toes.

    We can blame it all on Stevo. He started it, and then went off to Thailand. Maybe by the time he comes back we’ll have that avalanche building.

  18. Well, they do get wet and the feet don’t always stay dry but the non-skid soles are always helpful.

    Now, it was one thing to clip the music… 😉

    but now you’re adding geography too?? As that great American philosopher B.B. said, fer shame doc, fer shame… 🙂

    BTW, since you’re my partner in the lounge act at the Holiday Inn (http://www.stevepeer.net/?p=701), your opinion is always good…


  19. R(etc…): Fer shame is right. I meant to use that once as a joke, and change it right back. I forgot about it. All fixed now (I hope).

    If I must be in a lounge act, you’re a good partner to have. 🙂 I value your opinion too.

  20. Well dang, Robin…

    I clicked on the music that went along with this post, and was half expecting to see Carole King”

    “I feel the earth move under my feet, I feel the sky tumbling down, tumbling down”…

    (yes, I know this is late – I’m horrendously behind with my blog reading.)

    ~ Ocean over at the Crossroads

  21. Lovely, Robin.

    In Thailand, I was the only person wearing boots. Yes, boots.

    Ron and I are two of kind (and both of us aces.) I have never, and never will, wear sandals. Just not me.

  22. Thanks, Stevo.

    Yep, you and Ron are both aces. I think I might understand the no-sandals thing, but I’ve gotten into enough trouble over this issue so that’s all I have to say about that.


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