7 comments on “Wooly bears

  1. I’m wondering if anyone else from different parts of the country have seen any Wooly Bears. The one I found in western Iowa earlier this fall looked much like your forecaster – mostly brown. Wisconsin’s little guy was mostly black. 😦

    Wooly bears are fuzzy like a bear, don’t you think, Robin? I always wanted to keeo one in a glass jar and watch it’s metamorphosis into a moth, but was afraid I might not do it right and harm one.

    And how fun to go to a Wooly Bear Festival. Somehow I haven’t heard of such a festival in Wisconsin – at it seems like we have a lot of unusual ones. Sounds like a great fall theme, especially for little kid (and big kids-at-heart, too.)

  2. I’m trying to remember where I last saw some of these wooly bears—I think it was in the Pecos Mountains in September. It’s been mild here, too, but unfortunately I didn’t pay attention then to the intensity of browns versus blacks on the catepillars then, so I can’t say whether they accurately predicted what’s happening thus far.

    Nice close-up.

  3. Aefiel: What Bo said. They’re fuzzy like a bear. 🙂

    Bo: It would be interesting to find out about the wooly bears in different parts of the country. And then see how it plays out this winter.

    Ybonesy: Thank you. 🙂 If you see any, let us know what your wooly bears are forecasting this year.

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