15 comments on “New Year’s Greetings

  1. Happy new year, Robin. Really love the quote, and your day today sounds perfect. Will you post your 50 goals, or are those for your eyes only?

    Hey, is that a pic of you? I saw a meme going around with photos of folks.

  2. Happy New Year! I love the photo of the photog. And we all just keep walking on down that road, don’t we? Step by step…

  3. Ybonesy: Yep, that would be me there at the end. I didn’t know about the meme, but maybe I’ll go find it since it seems I may have accidentally participated.

    I don’t think I’ll post the list. Instead, you’ll likely hear about it when I accomplish something on the list. 🙂

    Bo: That we do, Bo. That we do. Thanks. 🙂

  4. Robin: Happy New Year. I believe good things are ahead for all of us. I should really make a list of 2009 Goals, maybe then I wouldn’t flounder so much.

  5. Thanks, Stevo. I hope all it’s true that good things are ahead for all of us.

    As for lists of Goals, well… sometimes they help. And sometimes they’re overrated. For me, the thing is to have something to aim towards. Whether I make it or not doesn’t matter so much since I figure life is about progress and not perfection.

  6. I’m taking it easy today, too. I actually haven’t left the house in almost a week. Today my daughter is picking me up so I can go out for a little while (and probably because she needs me to buy her groceries).

    I hope to see a part of your wonderful 2009 in your blog! I know it will be a great year for you!

  7. what a lovely new year’s surprise
    to put a face to the creator of bountiful healing
    thanks for your soulful and sometimes delightfully whacky offerings in blogland
    my life is richer for it

  8. What a terrific quote!! Perfect….

    …and like Kel said – really nice after all this time to put a face to your name.

    Have a great year. N.M.

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