10 comments on “Dead Giants

  1. “Dead Giants”
    This is so powerful.
    Amazing, how in life, the very things that can shelter us can also be a threat when they are dormant or dead.
    Thank you for this timely epic reminder.

  2. Whilst it is sad, it’s the natural way, even Dutch elm disease. They were and still are magnificent, you can’t have too many photos of them.
    Will they bring you warmth as fire wood?

  3. Stark. Powerful.

    Robin, your photos are getting so good that you are scaring me. But, in a good way. The first (and second) images are simply amazing.

  4. Thank you, Corina. 🙂

    Stevo: You are partially to blame for my improvement. The encouragement you and others have given me has kept me practicing. Thank you. 🙂

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