14 comments on “Photography

  1. Definitely caught in the confusion of trees looking as if reaching out for help to become untangled. I really like the quote. Weston was the rebel photographer in his early days. 🙂

  2. Amazing the things we stumble upon, isn’t it?

    One man’s garbage is another’s photo fodder.

    If this symbol had meaning…. it would be “Take my picture!! Please!”.

  3. This looks very much like a Japanese character written in the tree with a sumi brush.
    It is a Haiku without the words.
    I like the way you see, Robin!

    • Thanks, Lea. 🙂

      We must see/think alike. I originally titled the photo “Character in the trees” because it reminded me of a Chinese or Japanese character.

  4. ah, the artistic eye
    not being in an arty mind frame today
    i saw stray toilet paper
    but now i see visual haiku
    the joys of artistic community and conversation
    to expand one’s original perception

  5. Don’t be afraid to use the quote. It suits perfectly this eye catching photo. You can’t just pass on by, but are drawn in to look for meaning. Good job!

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