8 comments on “Smiles

  1. What a very delicate color, that flower is. That- periwinkle? Lavendar? Something in between, to my eyes it’s such an… ‘inconceivable’ color to find growing right up out of the ground.


    Have you read the princess bride? I think it’s Goldstein or Goldman or someone who writes it, and his intro or foreward is really funny. He reveals much more than authors generally ought.

  2. I knew you’d enjoy the color, Amuirin. I manipulated this photo a little, toning down all of the colors except for the lavender or periwinkle (I’m not sure either) in the flower.

    I haven’t read the book. It’s on my list of books I want to read. This would be a very good time to read it, I think. I need some funny. And I like when authors reveal “much more than authors generally ought.”

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