13 comments on “Plus my surroundings

  1. How perfectly true. My writers’ group was discussing recently stories and novels with a sense of place. There is something very special about them. The place you are physically shapes your whole life, and makes for very special literature. I realize the point of this quote is conservation and agree wholeheartedly, but can’t help but see how environment extends even further into you life.

    • Anhinga: The guy in the photo is my youngest son, and your comment reminded me of how apparent it was to me during our first few days in Colorado that my son fits in well there, that it is a good place for him.

  2. Wonderful quote. It actually is not about the environment or conservation. Ortega y Gasset promoted the idea that each person is a part of all the things that surround them and the things that surround us are nothing without us. So he was really talking about our circumstances which includes those around us and place, etc. So it’s a very appropriate quote to apply to our writing, too.

    The picture is beautiful, Robin. Even I, who doesn’t know how to swim, would be tempted to stand atop the hill and take a dip in the refreshing water!

    • Bo: Yes, they are aptly named, that’s for sure.

      I follow some Rocky Mountain National Park news on Twitter and they’ve closed down some of the roads because of the snow. I’d like to explore some of the park in winter (since I’m so used to snow and all).

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