14 comments on “Change and growth

  1. I like Anhinga’s response “Fall Lace Curtain”. Anyways great photo and reflective quote. Nature has a way of slowing down our fast pace and almost forcing us to think. Thinking is a good thing for the most part.

  2. Yes… tis certainly a season of change and growth…also a time for deep reflection as so beautiful portrayed in your photograph today. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  3. This picture was perfect with the quote-

    because, when I looked at this (before reading the quote) I thought

    that picture is pretty in a way totally different than the pretty of her other photographs.

    And it’s true.

  4. “Sunshine on the water looks so lovely
    Sunshine almost always makes me high”
    ~ John Denver

    I love the picture! I do look back over the years and can identify several times and places when my path and my life changed significantly, and sometime suddenly…

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