15 comments on “Sunflowers

  1. Oh, I’m glad you didn’t reject this one. The two sunflowers, one at its peak, one in decline. Really beautiful. And these particular sunflowers, with orange streaks. They seem a bit exotic, like the kind I normally buy at the Growers Market, not the kind that grow wild around my yard.

  2. There is something to it, I see it too, though I’m not sure what. All your sunflower pictures are so special, this one feels… maybe like a memory. Not perfect. But it fills the page.


  3. It’s a beautiful photograph, Robin. I’m very glad you didn’t trash it. It has so much in it. There’s color and perfection without being perfect; there’s contrast between the stages of each flowere; there’s light and shadow. Everything is here.

    It’s a perfect one to keep and bring out every once in a while.

  4. This is such a beautiful photo. I especially like the flower with the petals turned down. And this reminds me NOT to delete shots I’m unsure about – who knows how I’ll feel about it when I look at it sometime again in the future.

  5. When I’m undecided I tend to save rather than trash. It means there is something to it that can be appreciated another time or in another way.

    The strongest elements for me in this one are color, contrast, composition and use of depth of field.

  6. I’m glad you saved this photo because it is especially lovely in its expression and composition. The colors are excellent. I love sunflowers without any reason, just do. Beautiful photo and post, Robin.

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