8 comments on “Changes

  1. That’s a shame Robin. You know the settings you need to use on WordPress ( or wherever) so your photos are pretty useless to thieves? If you need it, I can probably help.

  2. robin i’m sorry to hear someone is lifting your original work
    do you know who it is, can you track to their site?

    i get that a lot too and go through phases of tracking them down and requesting image removal, then if they don’t, going directly to their blog or webhost and report copyright infringement
    but mostly it could become a fulltime job, so i also go through phases of ‘letting it go’

    here’s hoping karma gets ’em somewhere it hurts them 🙂

    • I haven’t been able to figure it out, Kel. I only know about it because of the way they’re accessing the files. I’m surprised that WordPress is set up so that type of access is available. Hmph.

  3. If I was you I wouldn’t get so hung up about people stealing your pics, that’s just the way it is on the web. I personally would rather spend my time productively than worrying about or tracking some low life’s that are stealing pics or content from my various blogs.

    Fantastic pictures by the way…

    • Thanks, William.

      Most times, I don’t get hung up about it. It is what it is, as they say. But sometimes I find it aggravating and this was one of those times.

  4. That’s too bad, Robin. But I understand completely. I’m looking forward to whatever you decide to do here at Bountiful. You are a fabulous photographer. I hope you can take advantage of the trick that Bo knows, or do something else so that we can still enjoy your eye.

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