11 comments on “Choosing a sunflower

  1. Well, I’m glad you’ve chose your sun flower; and if by chance, you should choose another, I’m sure it will be just as bright, when need be, but most of all just as authentic. Sunflowers are so hard to choose, they all are most wonderful, you think?

  2. life is like a labyrinth
    we may feel like we’re going in circles
    but we’re never the same when we pass by a second time

    i like the way you refer to the bogs blog as outer life and bountiful blog as inner life
    it reminds me that often we get bogged down in the daily grind, but when we choose to approach it creatively, it becomes bountiful

    bountiful blessings to you Robin

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  4. I’ve always loved your Bountiful blog, it seemed to feed a deeper need I had, too. Though I’ve enjoyed your Bogs blog, so…are you going to keep them both going?

  5. Have I been to this blog before? I’m not quite sure, but know that there was a reason why I came here today. It was the right words, on the right day. Thank you, Robin. xxx

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