10 comments on “Sitting in silence

  1. Thanks, Bo & Anhinga. 🙂

    Bo: I wanted to walk down to where they were sitting but our time was limited since we took the Cog Railway to the top. They only give you about 30 minutes to walk around. If you’re not on the train when it goes back, you have to hike down (and I hear it is quite a hike).

    • Hi Robin!

      I too hear it’s quite a hike. From the top of the Peak to Ruxton Avenue via Bar Trail is said to be eight miles. I’ve never hiked it myself, but it’s a popular trail. Each year there is a footrace from Ruxton to the top of the mountain and then back down again. As you might imagine, it’s an hours long run. People come from all over the world to compete in it.

      Years ago, I briefly lived on Ruxton.

      • Hi Paul 🙂

        The footrace took place the day after we were there. The couple in this picture were training for it. I can’t imagine hiking it, much less racing.

      • I can’t imagine hiking the Bar Trail, either. But I do have a friend who is in the habit of riding down it on a mountain bike.

        He hitchhikes up the mountain with his bike, looking for rides in the back of pick-up trucks. Then he careens down the mountain at the highest speeds he can manage.

        My friend has told me about his trips in such enthusiastic and glowing language that he has come as close as anything in this world can come to making me buy a mountain bike to join him.

  2. What an awesome shot! I like the textures of contrast of rocks and clouds which gives a vast and edge of the Earth feel. I love, love Pike’s Peak and haven’t been there in ages.

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