3 comments on “Citrus-y morning

  1. I’ve tinkered with the idea of joining “A River of Stones” myself, but actually, I’m, well, a bit chicken! Lol. Yes, it’s a different style of writing. But you are very brave, for joining and also deciding to share your small stones here.

    Your bravery may be contagious!

    • Thank you so much, Joanne. I don’t feel brave at all, and have been tempted all day to take down this post. But once it’s published, it never really goes away so there’s no point in deleting it now.

      Have you decided to give it a try? Sharing is not a requirement. I honestly didn’t think I would share, but this illness must be making me a little crazy in the daring department. One of those things I’d like to let go of this year is a fear of sharing my writing and other ways I express myself.

      • It sounds like the medication may be helping you with the daring then, which is a good thing. Something good always comes out of something bad. (I first learned that after my Mum was gone. Her leaving gave me the opportunity to get to know my Dad more. A HUGE lesson!)

        I decided to make my decision later today, after doing a few chores. Yes, still chicken! I need to let go of my fear of sharing my deepest thoughts too freely. I censor myself too much. So, I have to decide that I have the strength to share what I write first of all, even though sharing is not actually required. It’s all about letting go, on so many levels.

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