6 comments on “breakfast

  1. I love the little birds, would also love the hawk and I know he/she needs to survive, but here where I live I look after the little ones more.

    • I look after the little ones, too, Val. The hawk does a good job of cleaning out some of the mice and voles, as well as rabbits (who nibble away at our garden) and skunks. There always seems to be a good balance out there. I haven’t yet noticed a shortage of mice, voles, rabbits or skunks. It’s rare for the hawk to go after the little birds, although I know it happens.

    • Me too, Carla. Me too. I had a big lesson regarding hope and being in the present while out skiing today. Now all I have to do is let it sink in. 🙂

  2. Wow – I love those words. I have a tough time with the present – now I know how to deal with it. Let go of hope and just live. So glad you posted this! ❤

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