5 comments on “Brown

  1. You don’t think of brown when you think of a beautiful color, but it really is. Of all the color series so far, 3 of the brown photos are my favorites, although I really love the yellow photo with the blurred shirt. It’s like the shirt is alive, it’s own spark.

  2. amazing. i absolutely love this whole color series thing. my faves are the blue and brown. this series reminds me of when i studied music and started composing. i never listened to music the same since. suddenly i could pick up on the most subtle nuances and each instrument had a life of its own. instead of hearing a piece of music as a “solid color”, i now hear it as a beautifully choreographed dance of many colors. looking at these pictures is having the same effect on me. i’ll never see the world quite the same again.

  3. Wonderful blog. Every entry calms and offers peace and moments of beauty. The color series is an amazing idea–planned and executed very well. You truly have quite a unique voice (rare), and I hope you continue to not only write but share your inspirational writings.

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