6 comments on “A touch of gray/grey

  1. I love the Yosemite Picture. I went there in highschool, it’s an amazing place.

    The cat looks oh, so theatrical.

    It seems like such a simple thing to take a picture of, but ‘Frosty Grays on a Winter Morning’ has a magic to it. Nature has some amazing designs.

    color request: purple

  2. CJ the Wonder Cat was a drama queen capable of great theatrics. If I were to call myself a witch, I’d say she was my familiar. I’ve never met a cat like her and dare say, I never will again.

    That’s one of the many reasons why I haven’t gotten another cat. The barn cats are outside, doing their thing. But we need one in the house because the barn cats ignore the mice that manage to make their way inside the house.

  3. I have two things to say.

    1) I liked the photos and was expecting a picture of Jerry but instead just found a quote. It is nice when my expectations are not met.

    2) Your icon is one of the top ten coolest icons that I’ve seen. No. I’m not a foot freak. I like the suggestion that there’s more to you and you’ve just shown a small part of you in your icon. My all time favourite icon (used by my shadow on another place) was a shot from above of an umbrella with empty flipflops poking out.

  4. Thanks, Bongo Mirror. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos, the surprise of not finding Jerry (I wondered how many folks might come looking for him when I used that quote), and my icon.

  5. was looking for something and stumbled on your site, nice pics…

    May I ask how do you know your beloved cat was taken by a hawk? just curious becuase my kitty went missing and there is absolutely NO explanation – and we have looked high and low…she was NOT a wanderer – and we live in a safe area….

    The only conclusion is a hawk got her – wondering if you would share your experience with this – did you see this happen? Thanks, Jen

  6. Hi There, I stumbled upon your site looking for inspiring nature related items, and am so enjoying you and your photos. I’m looking forward to exploring all you have to offer through your site/blog. If this is a blog, this is my first experience hanging out with one. This is really nice, thank you. I’m very sorry about your cat. I have a “Russian Blue” read: GRAY named Willow. Blessings, Robin in CT

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