7 comments on “Reviving an old post: Sanctuary

  1. You said this is an old post; I wonder if the text is new-

    The fact that the creatures return and you grow the meadow to let them says something about both of you. Nature goes where it is comfortable, and even though you let your land be a sanctuary, your family are still *people* which is a nervous making species for nature.

    Creatures know- where they are welcome. They do. The peaceful gathering of life there doesn’t just say something about the land, it says something about you.

    • Amuirin: No, the text was brought back too, although it fits almost as well today as it did when I originally wrote it.

      Thank you for your kind words. 🙂 It’s so good to see you around the blogosphere again. 😀

  2. So when you revived this post, did it also revive one on the other site? Because what posted over there today has me REALLY confused!!!


    And I adore Cedar Waxwings. We get them around here in the winter months. The joy is in seeing them up close enough to see their gorgeous markings. I love that they were names WAXwings because I think their feathers do have a very smooth, waxy look. Completely unruffled in any way. Also, the contrasting mask and those dots of yellow and red are so stunning.

      • It’s mint. Or was about mint as I’m going to post something new in a minute. About food. And cooking. Maybe that will be less confusing than the mint. 😉

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