4 comments on “Laundry day

  1. Lovely thoughts, Robin, I feel the same, this week was my first washing line since pre-Winter, it makes the heart respond to see a washing line spread out to natures touch…xPenx

    • just wanted to say I’ve been missing out on your poetic thoughts, just shows you what you can overlook in this life, Robin, many thanks for sharing, and I’ll bookmark before I leave. (Norbert’s been playing silly devils, and I think I left a comment as a reply previously, but I gave up the fight with technology, sigh 🙂 ’tis better that way sometimes., ) xPenx

  2. Technology is hard to fight, Pen. Or argue with. lol! Thank you so much for stopping by here. I don’t post here often. I usually keep my poetic thoughts to my journal. I’m shy about sharing such stuff. That’s why this was easy to overlook. 🙂

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