24 comments on “My feet

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  2. Found your blog by accident, and I love it! Gotta admit: feet are bizarrely interesting. I, too, have a pair of those socks, and your evaluation is spot on. Nothing better on a chilly winter night when the boiler has decided to go on strike.

    Your entries are inspiring and lovely. I’m placing a link from my blog to yours; if you’d rather that not happen, just let me know!


  3. I LOVE this post. I love the way that by the end you realize how amazing your feet are and how much you value your feet. They are great feet. Isn’t it cool how the second to the last toe has that right curve? Mine does, too. I’m amazed at how the feet work and how the toes cooperate, in look and feel and function. They nest into one another in such a way that you can stick them into socks and shoes, and they for the most part don’t get hurt. But I’m with you — barefoot is beautiful!!

  4. Thanks, Ybonesy. This post was a good exercise in getting to know my feet. I certainly had much more appreciation for them by the time I finished.

  5. Sometimes it’s nice to be happy about just something regular. Not that we wouldn’t be up a creek if we couldn’t use our feet, but maybe you understand.

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  7. Famous post? lol! I suppose it is, in its way.

    Thanks for visiting, Jules. 🙂 New Balance, as far as I’m concerned, as the best for us wide-footed folk.

  8. Hi Robin, this certainly is an interesting introduction to you. I’m a little bit late, but I’m coming over following Amuirin’s matchmaking post. I liked this piece a lot. I don’t know much about reflexology, but I do know that there are connections to every part of the body through our feet, so for you to finally accept and love your feet is quite monumental. I see it symbolically as meaning you’re accepting all of you, from top to bottom. Or rather bottom to top… I’ve seen these feet plenty of times on other blogs. It’s nice to hear their story.

  9. I really enjoyed you blog. Female feet are beautiful. I’ll admit to having a foot fetish, but I get annoyed at the sad saps who give female feet lovers like myself such a bad name. I’d much rather get to know a woman I’m dating first, than go in for the kill. I guess that’s just me, it seems

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  13. Love this post! Coming to terms with the parts of ourselves we’ve perhaps not always loved… Thank you to all the feet of the world.

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  15. I have the reverse problem – extremely narrow feet. They really have a job to do holding up this body. Have always had trouble finding shoes that would stay on – even lace up ones. Every trip to the shoe store is an ordeal. And of course, just when I find a brand that will fit – they stop making it!

    • Extremes of any kind seem to create difficulties, Deborah. And isn’t that always the way with a brand that fits?? Frustrating.

      Thank you for stopping by and comment. I appreciate it. 🙂

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